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At Secura Fence & Fabrication we provide Chain wire fencing in Adelaide for mainly commercial & industrial clients. However, some residential customers do install them if they have say a tennis court in their property or farmers garden etc. Our Chain Wire Fencing meets all the requirements & demanded in modern industrial or domestic fencing. Our Chain wire fencing is manufactured using galvanised wire to Australian Standards (AS2423-1991).

The great thing about Chain Wire Fencing is that it needs very little maintenance, therefore making it very economical. Not only with the cost but also its lifespan, reducing to the lifetime cost to an absolute minimum. Whether your fencing requirements depend on cost, appearance or security levels, you’ll find our wide range of galvanised or PVC coated options will be able to help you. 

How long do chain wire fences last?

When it comes to finding a fence style that has a long life, there is little doubt that the PVC coated wire for chain wire fencing is the best option. It is the most widely accepted form of fencing for both protection and aesthetic appeal for commercial & industrial fencing.PVC coated wire for chain wire fencing comes in standard colours, such as dark green or black. These colours blend in harmoniously with the surrounding landscapes, other colours can be produced to suit specific projects such as white cream & gray. 

The inner core of the steel wire has been galvanised to provide more protection and the thick PVC covering ensures that the wire is then further protected against the harsh Australian climate. This style also becomes more important if you are closer to the ocean, as general or normal steel fences can be corroded easier (rust).

Affordable Chain Wire Fencing Adelaide

If you would like to get a free quote for your commercial, industrial or residential chain wire fencing in Adelaide then please give us a call. To learn more about out us and what our current & existing clients have said about us please view our Facebook page or our Google Business Page.